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Michibata Angelica ordered to declare “dedicated to childcare” due to suspension of activities | The women themselves

Michibata Angelica condemned to declare "dedicated to raising children" due to suspension of activities

On October 24, model Angelica (33) announced that she would suspend activities on her office's official website. Susumu Michibata, who conspired with her husband and betrayed 350,000 yen in cash. The documents were sent on the 23rd, and the future is written as "Dedicated to raising children for now" and "I want to take time to rethink myself." However, there is a negative voice in the network.

According to media reports, in August, her husband threatened to disturb his family at an acquaintance's roadside workplace. Leaning in. The roadside was also present at the site.

Michibata announced her comment on the official website on the 5th of this month after the incident was discovered. After the apology, "This husband's statement was made as a result of my husband's suspicion that I was drinking with my acquaintance's man in close contact with the body, and that my husband blamed someone else for it." In addition, "I was unable to do anything when I was at the remarks site because of my feelings behind my husband's back and fear of my husband's anger," he said. "The couple's shape is changing little by little."

On the 24th, affiliate office YM apologized on the official website: "I apologize again for the unpleasant feelings and inconveniences caused by this series of reports." . In mentioning that Michibata was neither charged nor charged, he said: "Of course, the fact that he was expelled was very disappointing and confusing." In addition, "it seems that it is a situation where we will draw conclusions slowly over time, because it is a private matter on the subject between couples."

As for the future of the road, he said:

"With regard to future activities, I would like to focus on raising children for now, gain understanding of the people involved and take time to review myself for a while."

Michibata married in December 2005 and gave birth to her first child in July 2018. However, there are a number of accusations against the word "devoted to raising children".

《Do not give reasons to discontinue “ childcare activities. It's really disgusting to hide with a child as a shield.
Concentrate Do you focus on raising children? Refrain from normal. This is not good? "It's amazing to see that a little"
《It may be a fried step, but you don't want to use words at these times? If you have a child and have children, it's everyday, or something … it's not like "dedicated" …

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