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The first half, Ming Miao, who decided to try (central) was delighted (photographed, Jun Mihashi)

In the first half, Ming Dynasty, who decided that the trie (center) was delighted (photo · Junji Ohashi) 【Expansion】

Akihiro broke Teikyo University on 23-15, and in competition war, won the first victory of Teijyo War in eight years since 2010. Teikyo (18, Teikyo University 15-23 Aki Univ., Chichibu) University stopped in 19 against the series of victories. Both players won 5 wins and 1 loss, with a chance to win at Keio University and Waseda University, where they played against 4 wins and 1 losses on the 23rd, the winning bout became a major one-stroke bout. If the university wins the traditional precocious war (December 2, Chichibu Palace), the victory for the first time in three years will be decided.

More than 80% of the applause from more than 11,000 fans will run the university. Shin Fukuda's captain finally kicked in and heard the whistle of victory.

"I want to thank FW." Teijyo Great White Star Battle in the opposite battle for the first time in 8 years since 2010 won by 20-14. Captain Fukuda's voice jumped. This year, after winning the Spring Games (17 – 14) and the summer camp of Sugadaira (21 – 19), the V9 university champion was "3 tires".

The great cause of victory is Scrum. "Heavy tank FW" pushes and takes the scrum off the big ball of Teikyo near the center in the second half, three minutes. Tied to the right, WTB Takahashi, who followed the kick for the opponent of the CTB Forest, fits perfectly and he tries (goal) at once. He also mentally dominated 20-8.

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