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Child Abuse Measures, Controversy in Building High Chamber Election Both decision and opposition parties have revised the Sankei News vision

The ruling party will have as its objective the initial establishment in the National Assembly for review talks with the opposition party on the draft revision of the Child Abuse Prevention Act and the Child Care Act that the government has decided on the cabinet on the 19th and submitted to the National Assembly. If measures against child abuse, which are of high public interest, are delayed, it is likely that the election of the upper house will be adversely affected. Although the cautious view is persuasive in the review of the "right to discipline" of the Civil Code for the designation of the "prohibition of physical punishment" and the father and the child, the review plan was prepared by "collision construction". "It's an extremely important project to get to the establishment as soon as possible." LDP Yutaka Moriyama, the president of the LDP, emphasized the following at a press conference held at the National Assembly on the 19th. The ruling and opposition parties agreed that the amendment should be designated as a large and important project requiring the first- Minister Shinzo Abe respond. The ruling party will also take into account the deliberations before the May holidays. It was Komeito who quickly moved to avoid child abuse, which he suggested to the government in February. The LDP made rapid progress in taking action and approved the revision proposal at the 12th session this month. The deadline for submitting the bill to ensure the establishment of the National Assembly is only 19 days, and it was just in time. However, in the process of intraparty discussions, there was a view that the definition of "physical punishment" should be further elaborated. The ruling party is ready to respond to the review negotiations if the opposition party makes a proposal and, with the election of the City Council, there is a real feeling with the proposal of "not wanting to be a confrontation" (PDL executive) . Moriyama asked "I would like to discuss through the various channels of the ruling and opposition parties," and Komeito's representative, Natsuo Yamaguchi, told a news conference that "a broad agreement between the ruling and opposition parties will be made. Constitutional and other opposition parties 6 …


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