Is the new age a permanent light? Note from Jaguar Yokota's husband "Are you okay?" "It's bad if you say" (March 26, 2019) – Success stories


Is the new age a permanent light? The husband of Jaguar Yokota said:

(Image is a screenshot of Mr. Hirotoshi Kinoshita's official blog) Dr. Hirokazu Kinoshita with her husband at Jaguar Yokota updated his blog on the 24th. We announced the "new era" forecast to be released on April 1st.

■ Is the new age a "long light"?

On this day, Kinoshita, who posted a blog with the title, "The new era is decided by" Yemitsu "?" "This is a new Gengo scheduled to be announced on April 1, but I presented some of Mr. Takeda's anticipated results," and stop it, "it was decided between them, and it was decided as" Eimitsu "Unconfirmed information were "And," about a week later, its meaning is revealed, but how. "By the way, I was Tokuhiro, I was pushing.How are you?"

■ "Alright?" "Why not blog …" voice

A voice of surprise was heard on the net as "Keiko Akira?" There is no doubt that great care has been taken to prevent the leakage of information in the new age. It is also reported that if leaked, it will be replaced. It is unclear what Mr. Kinoshita knew as "Eikoku" through what, but I do not know if the information is true. In addition, even if Mr. Kinoshita says, there is a great possibility of substitution. So there are voices on the net saying, "Why do you write on a blog?" "I wonder if that person is ok but I can not get up for SNS" "Are you okay? Just a small leak will change that!" "I'm sorry if I said that before, even if it was decided, You can not use Eamitsu anymore!" "Why should Mr. Hiroshima Kinoshita, who should be a celebrity, do something out of common sense? one thing to tweet! "… Read more


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