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Indonesian presidential election, incumbent Joko dominates

【Jakarta = Morihiro】 Indonesia's presidential election is held once every five years on the 17th. Acting Chairman Joko (57) and former commander of the Special Forces of the Army and the largest opposition leader in Grindra, Dr. Prabowo (67), are about to lead by about 10 points in outbound research from the local research agency. It seems to be there. After the collapse of the 1998 Suharto dictatorship in Indonesia, the presidential election by direct vote is the fourth. The focus was on economic policies promoted by Joko, and attention was drawn to the voting behavior of conservative Islamists who are gaining strength in the country with the world's largest Muslim population. Joko, who is not of the military or political elite, emphasized the achievements of infrastructure development and price stability, etc., while appealing to "ordinary people." The three pledges of food provision, vocational training and teaching support were made, and if they were re-elected, they called for "focus on human resource development" and aimed to expand support. Prabowo was a military elite who came under Suharto's regime and received support from conservatives, including hardliners. The image of "a strong leader" was also collected, and the support of the younger generation who had faint memories of the powerful Suharto era is also strong. According to the Indonesian Electoral Commission, there are about 193 million voters, a democratic nation with the second largest electorate after India and the United States. At the same time as the presidential elections, general elections, which had been held on different dates, were also held, but there was no noticeable confusion. The final result will be until May 22 …


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