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Independent Evidence for Methane on Mars | Nature Geoscience | Nature Research

This week, a paper reports that Mars Space, the European space agency (ESA), an explorer "Mars Express", detected methane near the Galer de Mars on June 16, 2013. This finding provides independent confirmation for the controversial measures taken by NASA's Mars Exploration Rover "Curiosity" the day before.

Methane was discovered more than a decade ago in the Martian atmosphere and is believed to be produced non-biologically by microorganisms, either biologically or by geochemical reactions. However, the mechanism of methane formation and the reliability of existing detection methods have become a highly controversial topic.

Marco Giuranna and his colleagues now show the results of methane observation in the Mars atmosphere near the Gercrator with a spectrometer mounted on Mars Express. This result is an independent proof of the measure obtained with curiosity. From the investigation of potential sources of methane using numerical modeling and geological analysis, it was thought that the methane detected was released into the Mars atmosphere by a temporary event in the fault area near the gallery. . This location may be central to the investigation of the methane source on Mars in the future.

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