How fast is the Face ID (Face Authentication) of the iPhone XS? Qetic


It was released in 2017iPhone XFirst installed onFace ID (face authentication).

What is the power of the evolved Face ID?

Face ID continues to be adopted for the iPhone XS, the iPhone XS Max and the iPhone XR in 2018.

Regarding Face ID, "Face Evolved ID. If your face is a password, advanced security will be simple by now. You can unlock iPhone, log in to the application,
Just a quick look at the payment. The most secure face authentication between smartphones so far has become faster. "It's attractive.

"AppleInsider" checks to see if there is a difference in Face ID between iPhone X and iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR.

iPhone X never wins

The verification is done in the same environment, redefining the identification of the face with the same lighting condition.

As a result of the 15-fold verification, the iPhone XS won eleven times and drew four times, the iPhone X never won.

However, the speed difference is small and you can not do it unless you compare it, and that check became valid.

Is Face ID 2.0 really faster? IPhone XS vs. X

Face ID is even adopted on the iPhone 2019, and it is expected to be able to authenticate accurately even in harsh environments.

iPhone XS – Apple

iPhone XR – Apple

In next year's iPhone, can the accuracy of facial identification improve?

It's impossible to distinguish twins on iPhone XS Max. Face ID is weak against identical twins!


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