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It has been said for some time. By the end of last year, TechCrunch reported that all tablets on Google's sales site have disappeared. It was not exact at the time, but it was like a sinister omen of what was to come.

Google launched Pixel Slate last year to meet the demand for feature sizes that replace the high-end Pixel Book. But in the end, it was thought that the device was wasted and would be the last device as a tablet. And this week, the company admitted that the hardware team defeated the ghost of the tablet.

In response to the initial articles of each magazine, the company commented as follows. "We will focus on laptops with Chrome OS as the first Google hardware (= internal), but we will continue to support Pixel Slate."

That's it. GoogleHardware teamI'll focus on the hardware in the future, but I hope you do not make a mistake. Android and Chrome OS teams have serious, long-term efforts with their partners to work on tablets for consumers, businesses, education and other markets.

Rick Osterloh, Google's senior vice president, is working to clarify a series of "indistinct" articles on Twitter.

Tablets were hard to sell to companies other than Apple. While Google worked hard on its products, it could not find its place in a market dominated by high-end iPads and cheap Android / Chromebook machines. The company seemed pleased with its Nexus / Pixel device as a reference model for its software, but recently it has been working on a complete restructuring of its own devices.

Well, goodbye Google tablet. At least for a while.


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