Election for the upper house, Hosoda for the PLD rally, Takeshita for the Nagano rally – Sankei News


Election to the upper house, to the PLD members Hosoda is the rally, Takeshita is the full power of Nagano Sankei News

A regular meeting held by the LDP factions near the National Assembly on the 20th gave the appearance of a demonstration for the election of the upper house in the summer. In principle, once a week, the ordinary meeting will end on the 26th of the National Assembly, which will end on the 26th if there is no extension of the session. We searched for thought for the upper house election of each school. The Hosoda faction of the party's biggest power, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, has 24 members. At the meeting on the 20th, Katsu Curry was represented on behalf of the auspicious. Hiroyuki Hosoda said: "We will do our best to be able to beat the whole team without hesitation," and "Gambalo Sansou" was held. Secretary-General Hirofumi Shimomura asked that party headquarters use the manga created by the constitution to revise the constitution to specify the SDF. The Aso faction (Shikunkai, 56 people) holds eight members who will be re-elected. The most important wing is the Niigata constituency of Ichiro Tsukada who resigned as deputy minister of land and transportation on a "Sontaku" remark (a re-election number). The Takeshita school (Heisei Study Group, 55) will focus on the constituency of Nagano (1). Hiromi Yoshida, secretary general of the same district, retires without running. The source of the same power within the party is the size of the influence in the upper chamber. It is a big blow if a newcomer, in honor of Yoshida, loses, and Mr. Toshimitsu Mogi, as president, has already entered Nagano several times and is trying to take advantage of it. "The situation can never be optimistic. Some tough elections were pointed out." At the 20th meeting of the Kishida School (Koikekai, 49 people), Fumio Kishida stated:


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