"Council of Prefecture to support workers" Tatemin, Tetsuro Fukuyama, Secretary General Gunma-Sankei News


"Prefecture Council to support the workers" Tatemin, Tetsuro Fukuyama, Secretary General Gunma Sankei News

Tetsuro Fukuyama, Executive Secretary of the Democratic Constitutional Headquarters, visited the Provincial Government on the 4th to support the candidates who continued to call for the final round towards the plenary vote (7th). General secretary Fukuyama passes around six places including commercial facilities of each of 5 electoral districts of Tatebayashi-shi, Juraku-gun, Ota-shi, Isesaki-shi, Takasaki-shi and election office of each candidate, and "will give in light to prefectural assembly to support those working well I would like you In the ward of Raku-ri (fixed number 3), in which were administered 4 conservatives, who received LDP-certified certificate and party participant, people recommended a Mr. Fukuyama asks at a commercial facility in Oizumi-cho, "Why do all three people have to be LDP," etc. We need a set of prefectures. "Then move to the south exit of the Station Ota. In Ota city guard (fixed number 5) where six people in total official recognition of LDP 3, official approval 1 and non-participation 2 were able to run, Litarian people recommend non-participation together with national democracy and social democracy. Fukuyama commented on the election of the City Council in July, in which Saito Atsuko announced his candidacy to Ritsumin, and said: "I want you to raise the voice of Joshu that the Abe administration is strange", "election of the City Hall." Battle to change color of Go to list of political articles Related articles Osaka city, 4 elections "Dissonances" Falling down procedure Saitama Prefecture South elections 2 wards of a violent war for "Okamura vote" Self-minded self-appointed president Michitaro Watanabe , member of the elected mayor Michio horse Grandchild, Tochigi Mayor, Nasu-Shiobara, Chiba, Nagareyama City council announced that horse is running Kanagawa Prefecture …


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