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The entrance ceremony of the JRA horse racing school and the jockey course 38 students will be held on the 2nd in the same school in Shirai, Chiba prefecture, and the son of Shona Imamura, former JRA (40) Shona (15) 48) = Kurito = The second son of Otokun (15) 9 people and others had a sunny day.

A female jockey who attracted attention due to the activity of Nanako Fujita. Seina Imamura is the only student of the 38th grade, and her father, Yuko Yoho, defeated Nakanodai Daisuke in 2001 during a jockeying period, and is currently assistant to Yasushi Iida. Of the 110 candidates, nine of the 110 candidates went through the challenge and became the 16th student. A senior year has Naho Furukawa and Manami Nagashima.

It was a natural flow to get on the jockey's path, just to become familiar with racehorses from an early age. The one you respect is my father. "I saw the appearance of my father, who is an ex-jockey, and I thought I wanted to be a cool jockey like my father," he told him how to crave a jockey.

For the future purpose, Shona makes her eyes shine, saying "I want to win the G1 for the first time as a female JRA jockey." Holding a big dream, take a new step.

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