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Comment from "DL version of Android version, Emot and season, etc." Fort Night "from here-version of Japan Engadget


First of all, "Fort Night"

Epic Games, famous for its "Unreal Engine" game engine, is a multiplatform (PC / PS4 / Xbox One) action game launched in July 2017 (pre-release version). It's a game called "Batroix" that appeared in recent times "PUBG MOBILE".
The official e-sports tournament "Fortnite World Cup", with an award of approximately 11 billion yen, will be held from April to July this year, and a final game will be held in New York, USA, at the end of July.
The mobile version is the iOS version in March 2018, and Android is a beta version, but was released in August of the same year.

If you read up to this point and search for "FORTNITE" in the Play Store, say: "I see, there is a version of Android as well.

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<p>As! The "Warning" message will appear when "Not available on Google Play."<br />So where can we play the Android version? Browser game? No … It takes the form of downloading and installing the APK directly from the official website of Epic Games Fort Knight.</p>
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Why is it so annoying (?) What kind of game store fee (30% of sales) is a factor …. Also, although it is the Android version that took such format, Epic Games announced that the number of facilities is about 15 million or more in about a month from the launch.

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Batroix? How is PUBG different?

As mentioned above, this movie is a multiplayer shooter called "Batrois", and you not only win alone, but also "squard" to aim at victory by forming a party, playing with your own island or with your own rules. There is also a "creative" that can

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<p>Taking up the guns all over the field, and as the storm comes over time, it's time to get around so well that it does not get stuck in it … then, "The basic way of playing is not like While I'd like to say "!", This work has "architectural (craft) elements" as a feature not found in other Battrois such as PUBG.</p>
<p><img alt=

The player has "Truhashi" since the beginning of the game, and by destroying obstacles in the field, you can get materials like stone and metal. By collecting this material to some extent, you can create "objects" such as floors, walls and stairs!

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<p>As the name "fort" knight (fort = 砦), it can be said that making a structure is one of the strategies and tactics! Do you want to fall in love with the enemy? Do you attack the enemy's trap at the same time? Also, since it takes only a few seconds to build an object, you can not only create a building, but depending on the location and time, you can place a wall and protect an associate who is fainting instantly or simply skips. You can reach a high place where you can not go there, or you can also use it! This exchange is also a pleasure that can not be enjoyed with other batrova shooters!</p>
<p><img alt=

Another important factor is the "season", which changes every two or three months, which is the "theme" of the game itself. The current theme of "Season 9" is "future." In the past, there was also a season with the theme "Christmas" and a season with the theme "Journey in Time".

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<p>When the season changes, the map also changes, and the costumes and emotions available (dance) also change. Please note that the "Battle Pass" billing item, which can receive multiple benefits every time you play, applies only to that season and must be purchased every time the season changes.</p>
<p><img alt=

Although it looks like a player character, it is not necessary to explain the change when you buy a costume, but in other cases (when you do not have a costume), the character's appearance is determined randomly, including gender. You may be enough for a beautiful girl to suddenly become a grumpy old man. So it may be a game that is not suitable for people with a strong obsession with avatars, like "I'm not motivated if my character is an old man" or "I'm not a pink twin girl!" Lol) Of course when you changed the costume there is no change in the character's performance ….

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By the way, it's an aside, but when it is possible to win by the end, it will be praised as "Victory Royale!"

A social phenomenon in the West! ? In Japan?

By the way, this work has caused a great movement as entertainment content of the level of social phenomenon in North America and Europe.

At last year's FIFA World Cup ™, it was a topic that players from France and England scored goals that mimic the commitment of this film, but for both football and MLB and NBA players. There are also many fans! The Netflix video streaming service is also content that attracts both people who comment that they are "competitive on Fortnight" and have already lost.

However, on the other hand, there are times when the topic appears on the "downside," and in the UK the news that a 9-year-old girl was overly addicted to Fort Knight and had a gambling addiction was reported, as mentioned in 2018. When the German national team was eliminated from the first league of the FIFA World Cup ™, "The German team was eliminated because some players were addicted to games like" Fort Night. "Well, it seems that there is a wide range of influences, both good and bad.

Although popular in Japan, is it still a work with a sense of "striking presence or absence?", But TOKIO appears in CM, manga is published in "Korokoro Comic Volume Separate", and a number is scheduled to be released from Takara Tomy And I have a feeling of breaking!

As a personal recommendation point for me, it's fun to build a friendly "secret base" with everyone, but it's more about "games like games" than that. Do you feel this feeling?
For example (I apologize for not mentioning it often) PUBG feels "realistic" or "real" in the worldview or character action pattern, etc., but Fort Knight is very pop comic and all weapons, costumes and character designs are included to give you a romance on a "gamelike" worldview! In a space that can not be realized in reality, I think it's an "unreal" feeling that you can quickly make a floor or wall in a few seconds … Anyway, I thought it was a game with "Roman."

… So you can see what kind of game is Fort Knight?

※ The information is at the time of writing the article, and the specifications may change.

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