CD Projekt RED agrees to pay additional fee to "Witcher" authors – for a friendly reconciliation | Game Spark


Last October RPG Series "The Witcher(Witcher) "The original novel" Saga the wiedź minie ", author of the author Andrzej Sapkowski told CD Projekt RED that they asked for payment of additional royalties, but this case resulted in a friendly reconciliation What has been reported in various media foreigners.

CD Projekt RED acknowledged the importance of Sapkowski's role in the series "The Witcher" and agreed to pay additional fees. Although the amount has not been disclosed, it is said to be considerably lower than the initial claim (60 million parcel / about 1.7 billion yen). On that, it states that CD Projekt RED is above the amount to be paid originally and explains that through this payment is trying to maintain a good relationship with Sapkowski.

"The Witcher" The schedule for the next work is unknown at the present time, but the problem that may also affect has been solved, and the Projekt RED CD and the fans have been relieved.


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