Atlas, "P5R" does not open teaser site "P5S". Expectations for the "Persona 5" Nintendo Switch Porting | AUTOMATON


Atlas launched the teaser site "P5S" on April 2. Atlas has just announced "Persona 5 The Royal" for PS4 on March 23. The teaser was announced as "P5R" here, but this teaser is "P5S". Regarding links and related designs, it looks like it will be something related to "Persona 5".

The official website says "1 More information 4.25" on the same battle system. If you read literally, an information will be released on April 25. In the source code of the home page, a warning letter from a mysterious thief is written.

In the warning letter, keywords like "to bring down the recognition of the world," "a new group of monsters thieves," "a move to a voice that wants a meeting mind" are aligned. Speaking of April 25, the day the concert "PERSONA SUPER LIVE P-SOUND STREET 2019 ~ Welcome to the Qth Theater" will be held. It is scheduled to be held on the 24th and 25th, and it was announced that the information of the PS4 "persona 5 the royal" will be released on the 24th, but the "P5S" information will be released on the 25th.

Speaking of S, after all, everyone can think of S of "Nintendo Switch". Joker's participation in "Persona 5" was announced as a DLC for "Super Smash Bros. SPECIAL", and is announced to be added by the end of April. The speculation that carrying the Nintendo Switch will occur at a time when the consciousness of the Jokers and Persona 5 is growing is realistic.

Anyway, everything is out of speculation. "SUPER PERSON LIVE P-SOUND STREET 2019-Welcome to Qth Theater" is probably a lively event as well as live information.


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