Arashi, what do you want to do on your trip to Hokkaido? I agree with the opinion of Masaki Aiba unanimously | ORICON NEWS | Fukui Shimbun ONLINE


November 13, 2018 12:00 AM

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A storm that appeared in the pre-fetched version

A storm that appeared in the pre-obtained "Hokkaido cheering" version of JAL

The popular group · Pre-event JAL Arashi CM "Hokkaido cheering" begins on the air from the 15th. Based on the contents of the CM for the trip to Hokkaido, they replied that they are interested in Kazuya Ninomiya who asks "O What would you do in Hokkaido? " While Mr. Masaki Aiba commented, "Rafting tried this summer is recommended," when proposing that "I would like a hot spring next season, I want to make a snowmelder," all members unanimously agree with "it's so good" I was in agreement with.

Mr. Aiba who appears in Crayon Shinchan

The CM packs luggage in a suitcase and is exciting for a trip where five people preparing for the trip depart now. Suddenly, if we think that traveling will make us feel better, we can also smile the people we meet on the way to the other side. "At that time, Los Angeles / Consadole Sapporo players from Curling" from Hokkaido I'm waiting for you! Arashi starts off as "I'll fly now." "Taking a trip will revitalize all parts of Japan" is broadcast.

In the footage shot in a studio in Tokyo, five people from Arashi are starting to schedule a trip while anxiously awaiting the trip. Attention is also given to the rooms and luggage that individual personality stands out from, as well as five people who pack the suitcase with the packing or the thrilling time of leaving the house. Especially the Ohno room which has deep knowledge in art, both to open an individual exhibition, the drawing instruments that draw figures align with the narrowing, as the production attached to the director, such as drawings and photographs, are decorated on the walls. Ohno even was curious also checking the set between the cuts.

Also, members who ask for items to be sure to take a trip are amazed at Ohno's usual small amount of luggage that "I'll only bring a minimum" or "I'll definitely bring a nightclothes, no matter what." To respond to Sakurai Sho's commitment to being convinced while laughing is happy. "Mr. Jun Matsumoto's running shoes to run while attending the hotel's gym and beautiful scenery" showed as always a good friendship as always "exciting fashion."


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