Sunday , October 24 2021

A new kind of kind of fire is another to the War of the Kinotake War, and Sumire Uezaka starts a new program just to talk about love "Mushroom's Mountain".


  1. A new kind of fire is another to the Kinotake War, Sumire Uesaka has just started a new program that talks about love "Mushroom's Mountain"
  2. Sumire Uezaka: A radio show that talks about love "Mushroom's Mountain" begins in June Mikako Komatsu as guest MANTANWEB (Mantan Web)
  3. Radio new program where voice actor, Sumire Kamisaka kicks off "Mushroom Mountain love", wide Saturday student "Ami Asuna King on Kimimachi!" Get started within 6/1! The guest appearance of Kyoko Komatsu is also decided Animate Times
  4. Kamisaka Sumire, Mushroom Mountain Mushroom Festival & # 39; love speaks new beginning of the program ORICON NEWS
  5. Radio program Sumire Uesaka supports "Mushroom Mountain", guest and delivery of mountain group of mushroom Natalie
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