Saturday , October 23 2021

A large number of LDP supporters "Double Guests" and "Abe Seiki" agree with many FNN research analyzes – Sankei News

"Double compliance", "Abe continued investment" PDL supporters agree with many FNN Sankei News survey

According to a joint opinion poll conducted by Sankei Shimbun and FNN (Fuji News Network), which was held on 6 and 7 this month, LDP supporters said "I agree there have been many. When the limit of the PDL president's term was changed from three consecutive quarters to the same four quarters and the third PM Prime Minister Shinzo Abe asked if he would like to continue to escalate the president, most of the PDL supporters responded in favor. Under Prime Minister Abe's "Salutation of Greetings", Abe's potential expectations will continue to rise. (Mayumi Toyoda) The question was asked about the pros and cons of the general public the same day, with 42.6% for all respondents and 40.3% for the opposite. If it is limited to LDP support, professionals increased to 47.8% and oppositions decreased to 34.2%. By age, the younger generations with higher approval rates for the Abe cabinet were more positive on the same day, and older people were more negative. In the 10-20 years, 54.3% of men and 58.2% of women responded that they agreed, and men and women in their 30s and 40s also disagreed with their favor. The proportion of pros and cons reversed in the 1950s, and in the 1960s and beyond 55.1% of men and 39.8% of women responded that they were the opposite. Unexpectedly, many other major parties favor the Communist Party, which is almost the same as the LDP, 47.1%. On the other hand, supporters of Komeito, a member of the Abe government, had an overwhelming majority with 60.4% against and 25.0% against. Regarding the fourth consecutive investment of Prime Minister Abe in the 4th mandate, respondents as a whole agree with 30.0%, with 61.6% against them, and the overwhelming majority is against

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