Monday , October 18 2021

【Political 徒 然】 民 民 窮 窮 民主党 今 今 今 今 今 今 -S -S -S -S

【Political 徒 草 窮 窮 民主党 産 産 産 産 産 産 産 産 産 産 産 産 産 産 産 産 産 産 産 産 産 産 産 産 産 産 Sankei News

There was a change from the opposition party to urge the coalition to the general secretary of the Liberal Democratic Party, Ishihara. The Democratic National Party in particular suffers from a serious drop in approval rates, and the high level of thinking and reputation, Mr. Ishigura wants to be able to get out of his throat. Ishigura denied secession, but in the past he left the PLD and participated in the formation of a new party. It has been pointed out that the LDP, including Mr. Ishigura, must break down to carry out a change of government. A hot temptation is addressed to Mr. Ishihara, who deepens the insulation within the PDL. In mid-May, Shizuka Kamei, former finance minister of national Democrat Yuichiro Tamaki, appointed guardian of the Democratic National Party and met Tamaki and Ishigura at the popular Japanese restaurant Akasaka in Tokyo. Kamei is urged to incite Mr. Ishigura, whose presence in the PDL is in decline. Kamei's theory is that the LDP group, led by Ishigura, and the Tamaki group will be united to form a power that opposes the LDP. Kamei said in an interview with Sankei Shimbun on February 24 that he said the tactics to reorganize the political world, saying that "if you arbitrarily vote for Mr. Ishikawa in the election of the prime minister, the PLD will be broken." Former Liberal Party leader Ichiro Ozawa, who joined the National Democratic Party of Japan, also showed in the May 14 graduation program that Kamei's idea "can be considered as a tactic." There are not many former Democrats who sympathize with Ishiuchi. In the PLD presidential election last September, Tamaki and Kohei Otsuka, co-representative of the National Democratic Party of Japan, announced their support for Ishigaki one after another. Old hope …

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