yes for 125 scooters on the ring road and freeway. The limit remains at 130


New road code: yes for the 125 scooters on the ring road and on the highway. The limit remains at 130

New road code, Parliament is back on its feet. The latest news is that with the road code in highways it's the tangential You can also scooters 125 (ie vehicles with a cubic capacity of up to 149 cc) provided there is adult driving.

Italy is the only country in the European Union to have this restriction on movement. It will be deleted. It is a measure that both the M5S and the League will support in the basic text that tomorrow will be sent to the other parliamentary groups. It has already been decided that the discussion will take place in the House at the end of April, at the beginning of May, but most have found an agreement in the Committee on Transport.

The only discordant point continues to be the speed increase to 150 km / h on three-lane motorways (in the presence of drainage asphalt) requested by Via Bellerio. The M5S is against this proposal and brings with it the doubts of Motorization and the Ministry of Transport. The League could not make the barricades later, especially in the presence of objections from the operational point of view, but for now it takes into account the point. Granting that in extra-urban roads the speed limit, as it happens in France, can be reduced in some sections, as requested by pentastellars.

Another change adopted in comparison to the original plan concerns fines for those who are caught driving using a smartphone or a cell phone. Initially, the license was suspended for two to six months. Instead, it will be conducted from seven days to thirty and from one to three months in case of repeated infringement. However, very high fines are expected (from 422 euros to a maximum of 1,697), while the government delegation also includes the use of telelaser. The rule on smoking ban was also deleted, deleted from the basic text. Other measures envisaged include: free parking for disabled people, pink lanes for pregnant women, facilities for collecting historic cars with the abolition of the tenure fee and introduction into the road code of small micro-mobility measurable means , such as segways, scooters, skateboards and hoverboards.

For bicycles in the wrong direction, the ad hoc space for the two wheels in front of the traffic lights and the stop at the intersections and the use of the barrels will be the municipal administrations to decide. Thus, freedom is left to the first citizens. Greater powers also for the traffic police, which when and if they consider appropriate, can always carry out surveys to understand if a driver has taken drugs while now this discretion is only possible if the driver shows signs of change.
Pallets are placed for exceptional transport, with measures to avoid overloading of heavy vehicles (they can carry single pieces), also not to cause damage to the road surface.

In the case of heavy-duty vehicles, a review shall also be carried out on trailers. Lega and M5S are also aiming to toughen the penalties for those who are uninsured (possible to double penalties) and the ban on those who have established their residence or company headquarters in Italy for more than 60 days of filming with a registered vehicle outside. Go ahead for electric motorcycles on the road. No obligation to use peak lights outside of built-up areas, even during the day.

For motorcyclists, the requirement to wear protective clothing is assessed, as cyclists – they can ride in the yellow strips currently reserved for taxis and buses – wear a helmet. The text – anticipates the two majority rapporteurs, Scagliusi for M5S and Donina for the League – is still open to opposition proposals. Last updated:



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