in Xiaomi comes a new product ready to enter the homes of fans of this popular technology brand: we are talking Furrytail Pet Smart Feeder.

It is a product currently available on the Xiaomi platform dedicated to fundraising campaigns and whose price is 199 yuan (approximately 26 euros), with shipments expected to start as of June 30.

This Xiaomi gadget was designed to provide food for the pet, acting as a kind of technological manger, with the addition of a compartment to store food (about 2 kg of food for dogs or cats), which thus automatically pass from from where they are stored to the place where they will be consumed.

To make Furrytail Pet Smart Feeder very interesting is the availability of an application through which it is possible to define the time intervals in which the food should be delivered (and quantities).

Finally, there is also an LED light that turns red and blinks when the food gets scarce so as not to risk leaving your four-legged friends on an empty stomach.