Paulo Dybala, where will he play next year? Doubts and certainties intersect in the future of Joya, number ten, captain, but also a player who this season had little satisfaction, but many, many shadows. The Champions League in the group was the classic flash in the pot with three goals for Young Boys before the decisive goal in Manchester and the goal in Switzerland, from there Il nulla.

In short, seasonal ups and downs that undermined his certainties to what we have seen against Atletico away from home and Ajax at home, two performances that are far below their usual standards.

THE POSITION – so many doubts during the season, from the position in the field. Allegri always said that nothing had changed, but it is no coincidence that when Dybala played near the door he played better, he will never be a football player who can play side by side, to play he has to play in the narrow and perhaps closer to the goal. He will never be Messi, in short, Dybala is Dybala, the position and the new way of playing did not help him, or he simply did not help himself.

FUTURE– the question about the future is logical and lawful, the requirements are there, but less than a spectacular cup of America, the numbers will not be the ones that all give up. At this point, the club and the player should sit at a table and think about what to do. Dybala in the same position and performance of the second part of the season is of little use, he has the number ten, with Ajax he was the captain, he must be a driver, not a trailer car. The crossroads seems simple, after all another year like this would not help anyone and would just be an involution of a career that after night with Barcelona about two years ago seemed to be geared towards the golden ball.

Dybala stopped in the cold of Berne, after that moment I smiled a little, because at home with the Young Boys in the second Champions League it was thought that it would also be his year.

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