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Windows 7: from gennaio 2020 non sarà più supportato from Microsoft. Cosa fare?

Next 14 Gen 2020 will add the date to Microsoft's support for Windows 7. An important date for the anchor can be supported by a PC with this version of the operating system and the support for the professional macchine anchor in the non-sleep state now. The house of Redmond has been rapidly updated, as well as the online support page: “Microsoft itself is impregnated to provide 10 years of technical support for Windows 7 when it is being rescheduled on the 22nd of 2009. At the end of the 10-year period, Microsoft will discontinue support for Windows 7“.

Windows 7: Fine Support

Dunk question means che Redmond's non-rent building has been upgraded by Windows 7 and even the patch of sicurezza. Chi ha anchors Windows 7 Home dunque non potrà più difendersi in efficient way to enable the hacker malaccessibility and the proper question hay no time ricevuto on the part of Microsoft sulla fine appunto del supporto.

Microsoft has excellent communication support for its technical support procedure degli avvisi che compaón su forma forma finestre pop-up directly south PC Notebook with Windows 7. At the messaggio, verrà rilasciato più come back later with fine support, if può leggere: “Dopo 10 anni, il supporto Windows 7 is vicino alla fine. The 14th gen 2020 2020 is the last year in Microsoft Microsoft off the update of the manicure and the technical support for Windows 7. Sappiamo cambiare può essere difficile, for the sake of it we are warning cousin for the backup to do the same file and prepare it new“.

Windows 7: cosa fare dopo la fine del supporto?

The question of the use of Armenian Peace and Arrangement will behave in such a way as to avoid the fine of support. Eats? The scelta is that sizzlingly aggiornare own lavoro instrument Intrattenimento alla new version of Windows. Windows 7 will continue to play a serious role as a problematic problem, Microsoft, but it does not have any type of improvement, nor does it have a manicure, and the issue means the use of hacker hacking the system to infiltrate the genre.

La soluzione so problematic is quite rightly that now and the proper tool all the last Windows 10, the tool has a new type of manicure and coverage in the face of malware or the last type of virus at the very last moment. Cosa fare? The consortium is all the time create an image of the system with the configuration of Windows 7, the structure of the disk, the SSD unit, and the memorandum that saves you from a matching card in your locale.

The point punto utilizando l'Windows 10 Aggiornamento Assistant If you want to go to Macchina for Windows 10 back to zero if you need to manually enter your Product Key. Get free download now for Windows 10 (from Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 install with a regular license) after a year launch of the first version of Windows 10, it is possible to pass all the latest version of the operating system at zero cost through the Insider program. I file relative to Windows 7, dopo l'aggiornamento to Windows 10 con lAgency Assistant Windows 10 the con l'utilità Media Creation Tool (I entered scaricabili from this page), vengono conservati nella cartella Windows.old.

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