Wind, a mobile line down in different areas of Italy | In resolution


The wind-line malfunctions we report now appear to be in the process of being resolved. The fall of the mobile network that affected different areas of our country did not last more than a few hours, and Recent reports indicate a return to normality. At this time, the causes are not yet known, but please let us know about your situation in the comments. For more details, we have instructed you to read the original article below.

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For about an hour, many customers wind they are facing different problems with the mobile line, which translates into the inability to call or receive phone calls and use data for browsing the internet. The problem seems to affect all of Italy, but to a greater extent in the center-north, witnessing the many reports that are gathered in those minutes in the site of the downdetector.

When we do not have accurate information on the causes, we will update the news as soon as more information is available or if everything goes back to normal. Nothing to do with the blackout of Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, but that still prevents many users from making / receiving phone calls and surfing the net.

Let us know in the comments if you are also having problems with the wind line.


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