Why have a landline phone at home when there is Nest Hub and Duo? (Photos)


Matteo Bottin

Reminders and calls to your Google home devices are coming to the Duo

In a world where I fixed phones are being supplanted by smartphones, how can we call home to wait for one of the family members to respond? One of the news that may be coming soon Google Duo he wants to go to compensate for this lack. But it is not the only one.

On a teardown of the Duo apk by 9to5Google were discovered i call reminder. Activating one will be very simple: after selecting a contact from the list in the center of the screen, a beautiful one will appear button that allows you to set the reminder based on a time (see gallery).

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The new "house call" goes through Google Home Hub (or Nest Hub?) and duo: a good one will appear in the application button above the contact list. This allows you to connect to your home devices. Although the term "House" is generic, it seems that only the Home Hub answers the call: Home and Home Mini completely ignore the command.

This last resort is not really new: it is already possible to do this via Wizard (at least in English), but integrating a fast link to the application makes it much easier for many people.

Via: 9to5Google


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