WhatsApp, the hidden trick to talk to those who blocked us


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For always quiet communication and no fights, the active users in Whatsapp they can use what is appreciated locking tool. Since the birth of the message chat, it is possible to interrupt a conversation when there is the slightest misunderstanding with the interlocutor. The rules are very rigid and push for (almost) insurmountable participation. After being stuck in WhatsApp, you can no longer communicate with the other person.

WhatsApp, the trick of groups to communicate with users who blocked us

On the web, between serious and facetious, there are many tutorials that show us how to communicate with who blocked us on WhatsApp. Many of these tutorials are useless, others are simply harmful with the presence of third-party applications of dubious reliability. The best solution in this case is to group.

To talk to those who have blocked us, we will need a accomplice on your side. The accomplice (a simple mutual friend) will have to create a group in which we will have to be inserted as participants along with the user who banned us.

Thanks to this group, the communication channels will be alive again. You will come to create a extended communication with which we can read the messages of those who blocked us and vice versa. At present, this method is the best way to recover the relationship after a dispute or misunderstanding.


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