What titles do you prefer if the bull returns to Wall Street?


Which securities do you prefer if Wall Street returns to the highest?

US markets are a real question mark for analysts around the world. Lately, in fact, the Federal Reserve has declared itself willing to be patient in the policy of rate increase. In addition, macroeconomic data from the first world economy were truly enviable.

Good news from the world of work

First of all, a sector of work that continues to grind open new positions and a percentage of unemployed increasingly falling. However, the rest of the world is not celebrating such a situation with a global slowdown that is now clear to everyone. But at this point, one wonders: Will Washington's strength be such that Wall Street can return to its highest level?

The Return of the Bulls: Which Bonds Should Wall Street Return to Its Highest?

According to Jeff Saut, the star and strip markets will soon be in the hands of the bulls. In fact, according to Raymond James' chief investment strategist, a position he held for many years, many people underestimated shareholder power in the coming quarter. For that reason, according to his view, it would be appropriate to increase his strength in the portfolio. In what areas? Technology is favorably seen, especially for IPOs. In fact, what's happening is an increase in the Initial Public Offering that has seen a boom on Wall Street in 2018. The numbers at hand speak of nearly 190 star-spotted landmarks and stripes in the last 12 months. In other words, a 20% increase over 2017. But 2019 can come with a number of new freshmen as long as price lists are able to give good results. Uber, Lyft and Palantir the candidates in pole position.

When could a strong rise on Wall Street begin?

A monthly closing above the following values ​​would hypothesize a future increase between 20 and 30% in the next 18 months:

Dow Jones 25,981

Nasdaq C. 7,487

S & P 500 2,800

What the experts think: what titles to privilege?

According to Bank of America Merrill Lynch, investment recommendations include a preference for health, technology, utilities, finance and industry. Morgan Stanley, on the other hand, sees well the consumer commodities he promotes with an overweight rating. REIT (real estate investment funds) and, in general, large caps are also interesting. Barclays is also optimistic about a technology sector that remains overweight. In addition, good predictions also on the health sector and all commodity-related securities. Technology and health also in the sights of Deutsche Bank that promotes them with excess weight. To do this, the German bank also aggregates discretionary consumer goods and, in general, the financial and industrial sectors.


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