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Volkswagen believes: 40% of investments for electric car


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Sixty billion euros by 2024 to develop the car of the future. The new figure announced today is 16 billion higher than indicated last year. Of this money, 40% will go to the development of electric models, 40% of the total and 10% more than expected.

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The Volkswagen Golf 8 is now plugged in and hybrid.

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Volkswagen is right despite the moonlight in the global auto industry. The world's great houses are struggling with the costs of the electric revolution (imposed by politics rather than the market) and autonomous driving. Hundreds of billions of total investments that in the coming years will make a company make margins and distribute dividends. Just yesterday, German rival in front of the premium car, Daimler, had to admit that the margins of the next two years will be severely constrained by the convergence of costs and non-bright sales figures.

The world's leading manufacturer, with over 10 million vehicles sold annually through its 12 brands, has announced that it will invest 60 billion euros by 2024 develop the car of the future through hybridization, electric mobility and digitization. The new figure is 16 billion higher than indicated last year and this year's annual conference: 33 of those billions will be devoted exclusively to cars powered by electricity.

Investment in hybrid and traction cars will rise from 30 percent last year to 40 percent. Volkswagen intends to introduce by 75 models completely electric compared to a previous forecast of about 70. Approx. 26 million The e-car produced next 10 yearscompared to a previous target of 22 million. Probably in Wolfsburg, they are sure that after an uninspiring start-up of the electricity market, which translates into volumes unable to meet investment costs, customers will increasingly choose electric cars. Among other things, by 2020 VW's first "small" ID.3 will start, costing around 30,000 euros, a challenge that in Wolfsburg they do not want and cannot afford to miss.

The government of Angela merkel. With incentives for those buying electric cars that cost less than 40,000 euros (not Tesla for now: the US rival that will open its first European production plant in Berlin: the 35,000 euros for Model 3 are not yet sales), but also with more charging stations and an increase in the price of traditional fuels. It is an investment monster of around 100 billion euros, of which 54 are allocated by 2023.

Volkswagen confirmed targets set for 2019, CEO says Herbert diess following a board meeting. "Even in a difficult global market environment – he said – we are on the right track." In terms of deliveries, the group intends to repeat the 2018 numbers (after lowering the bar a few weeks ago by 900,000 cars produced), while the adjusted operating margin should be aligned, between 6.5 and 7.5 percent.

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