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Venice: Commissioner Elisabetta Spitz Mose – Politics


"It will be Elisabetta Spitz," former director of Agência del Demanio, supercommissar of Mose. Infrastructure and Transport Minister Paola De Micheli confirms this to Radio Capital.

"There have been strong slowdowns in the project, which is now 93% complete. The last 400 million are missing. They have been parked by the government, they have not been stopped for bureaucratic reasons. There is nothing to stop, works are going ahead." So said Infrastructure Minister Paola De Micheli, speaking of Mose at Circus Massimo at Radio Capital. The goal, he explained, is to complete it by 2021: "I hope, however, that there are partial uses even before," he added.

"For Venice there is a 360 degree commitment, there is a dramatic situation in a single city, we should be there." Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte told the hotel when he left the hotel where he slept last night. Asked if the commitment to end Moses will be enough, "We hope, we trust him, it is a work in which much money has been spent and is in the final stages, now it must be completed and then maintained." And to the Venetians: "We are close to you and we hope to prevent these dramatic situations from happening again."

"Mose will work, it had to be ready in 2012, go check it out. Is it late? Ask in Rome." These are some of the phrases of Veneto's former governor, Giancarlo Galan, who explains by quoting former current and current leaders "neither I nor Cremonese, nor Pupillo, neither Bottin nor Zaia, have any competence in Mose: it was established before the establishment of the region. responsibility is solely in Rome And adds directly to Radio Cafè: "If you go check – he says turning to the interlocutor – I Cacciari and the mayors of the area made dialectic, Massimo Cacciari was against, but the responsibility rests with the others." "Mose will work, I was always fascinated by this machine, after the Panama Canal the largest hydraulic machine in the history of mankind. I still believe that. Mose had to go into operation in 2012, I remember, but no I think I'm wrong ".