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Today's horoscope, Thursday, November 14, sign by sign

Here is today's horoscope, Thursday, November 14, signed by Barbanera and aired every day in Rgs.

Aries. News from afar, friends look forward to a short vacation and among them is someone who looks at you with particular interest …

Toro A strand of possessiveness can disturb the partner. Experiences that have disturbed him in the past do not justify his behavior.

Gemini. In contrast to Luna and Venus, Neptune has the look of a drunk driver, which is why his feelings today are so strange. There are many entries, but all contradictory.

Cancer. Even more romantic and dreamy than usual, awakened by the imaginative moon in the twelfth house, you lose yourself after memories and nostalgia.

Leone Accomplices Venus on the trine and the moon on the sextile, a bright day awaits you, but more sentiment-oriented than routine work.

Virgin Chaotic neptune square with Venus, an indication of contrasts with the partner. As always, the loving and protective family will agree with you.

Lb. You have excellent relationships with everyone, but in the environment there are those who seem suspicious. You will be perfectly in your role as qualified mediators.

Scorpion. Inspirations are born directly from the heart, they are the effect of your compressed emotions. Perfume the environment by burning resins and spices.

Sagittarius. Deeply in love: Too bad the other hasn't noticed it yet, and you, suddenly getting shy, do nothing to make you understand.

Capricorn. It doesn't take much to make the people around you happy. With an affectionate gesture or a kind word, you can track your quotes!

Aquarium Despite the enormous professional commitment, at night you never get tired: just an invitation and in four and four you are ready!

Fish. Love is a dream, an ideal from which you only see the best side, risking ending up as novelli Little Red Riding Hood … in the jaws of the wolf.

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