today we will discover the name of the first finalist


O Big Brother VIP, having left the post last Thursday in the game of the League of Nations Croatia-Spain, today back November 19 punctually in Channel 5 [VIDEO]for a show that promises to be full of news. To try to contain the hemorrhage of pieces that now seems to have become a constant in this complicated third edition, the authors of Reality Show we decided to invite big names of the Italian music that will enter the house to organize a show with the competitors.

At the same time, there will also be space to decree the name of the next eliminated [VIDEO] between the two protagonists currently in appointment, that is, Ivan Cattaneo and Lory Del Santo.

And to not miss anything, tonight we will know who will be the first gieffino to enter the final, thus freeing himself from the "dark" of the televote.

Big Brother VIP Previews: Baby K invited with the rich and the poor

According anticipations of Big Brother Vip 2018 reported by "Blogo", tonight will arrive in the broadcast of the big names of Italian music, which will have the difficult task of bringing a little interest in this edition which, given by Auditel for the hand, is struggling to take off. In fact, the Cinecittà house will receive as guests Baby k and I Rich and poor who will have to organize a live music show along with the competitors. Therefore, the audience should attend a series of performances, during which some successful songs will be sung.

In addition, we will continue to communicate the name of the nth eliminated this year: after the farewells of Alessandro Cecchi Paone and Ela Weber, tonight they risk leaving the game Lory Del Santo and Ivan Cattaneo. Being two figures very important to the dynamics of the game, the reality show will surely find a loss that will weigh and that will be felt in the house.

Tonight at Big Brother Vip the name of the first finalist

As often happens in Big Brother Vip, even in today's episode, a competitor will be fortunate to be announced as the first runner-up, although there are still several weeks left until the broadcast ends. Thus, throughout life, through a mechanism that promises to be quite complex, will reveal the identity of who can access the end of December 17 (even if the date can be anticipated for December 10). listen to the disappointing reality show).

Finally, there will be topics for discussion and comparison: the Francesco Monte and Giulia Salemi until the relationship between Stefano Sala and Benedetta Mazza, with the model's statements about his future marriage to his girlfriend Dasha.

In addition, according to what Alfonso Signorini affirmed during his web program "Casa Signorini", one can also mention the rumors of an alleged betrayal by Pierluigi Gollini (Goalkeeper of Atalanta) against girlfriend Giulia Provvedi. In that regard, it is not excluded that Deianira Marzano can intervene, which seems to be fairly well informed on the facts.


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