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Thirty: "I'm not leaving. I have a relationship life, I need the big apartment now"

"I'm very angry. This story will hurt me. Of course they are now under attack." Elisabetta Trenta answers her phone at 9:30 am on Sunday morning as she prepares the post to post on Facebook. "I have to clarify, it's all regular."

Does this mean that he will stay in his room as minister?

And do you think it is right to keep it?

"Let me explain. I did not apply for housing right away, despite having the right, but only last April. I resisted as much as possible in mine. A minister during his activity needs to talk to people confidentially and therefore needs a safe place ".

You have a house in the Pigneto district of Rome. Could he not stay there, even with proper protective measures?

"No, there were control and security issues. In this area, drugs are sold and the road has no way out. And so I needed a place to meet people, a great place to stay. Confidentiality was needed."

But now it is no longer a minister.

“I have the Army Termination Act for me and I have three months to go. Meanwhile, my husband signed up because he is a general's field advisor and he can have this apartment for his role.

Excuse me, but if it was so simple and regular, why did you decide to do it now?

"When I became minister, my husband was demystified. Now he has the requirements again. And anyway, we used to have a completely different life. After her husband's life, she followed that of her wife. If we lived in two, each other could go well, so conditions changed. And even now I'm still having a different life. "

"It's a life of relationships, of meetings."

However, you have your own home and this prevents you from using the service accommodation.

"Actually, my husband has a residence in his city, where he has a house, but he has the right to have the apartment where he works. Instead, the Rome apartment in the Pigneto neighborhood is registered for me only. Until now it has remained empty, I did not rent it. I keep paying the mortgage and I am in the law and for that reason I do not understand the attacks. Do you really believe that if everything was not in order the General Staff would have given the green light ? ».

You were minister. Don't you think it was hard to say no to your husband?

"They could do that. And anyway, if I had left that house of service to move to another house, I would have to make a double move, since my husband was in charge of the state. Instead, the state spared." .

At the time of the consultation, she had ensured that her husband would be transferred to another post. Why didn't this happen?

"I have changed and now I am back to what he has done. It is not certain that he will pay the consequences of my task. I can guarantee that my appointment was only at a disadvantage: he went to another office for reasons of opportunity, because I was convinced that was right. When I left his job he was reinstated. "

"I really don't think it's a privilege because I paid for the apartment and paid well enough."

Many soldiers complain that they have not obtained housing despite having the requirements.

"During my tenure, I dealt with the needs of all the military. And in fact, it was always said and written that the generals opposed me and the base defended me. Forget it, here are other reasons. Two days ago, a document confidential was published with my aptitude test for Aise, the intelligence agency. Then the story of the house came up. Of course they are under attack. "

"I don't know. Is it an attack on President Conte? On Aise, the Movement? At Link Campus, where did I get back to work?"

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