The Xiaomi Mi9 is doing very well, but Mi8 has done better


Matteo Bottin

It is past just over a month since the beginning of sales of Xiaomi Mi9. That was a long-awaited model was understood by the initial exhausted in Amazon, but how the sales continued? Donovan Sung, director of Xiaomi's product management section, told us.

On March 31, Xiaomi came to send 1 million units of Xiaomi Mi9. An excellent result, which is even more relevant if the SE version is added (not yet available worldwide), reaching 1.5 million units shipped in just over a month.

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Xiaomi Mi8, however, he had done better. Not only had it exceeded the same amount in 20 days, but reached 6 million in 4 months. It will be Mi9 one reclaim the land lost to its predecessor?

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