The two pitchers – Milan Night


This time it will be possible to say that the fault of the defeat is Donnarumma, who really made a mistake very Really. Or the referee Orsato, who distinguished himself as always by their fierce anti-milanism. But we can not say that we lost because we were very tall. In fact, not even Gattuso said that. He talked about the line of the ball line that is not good. I did not understand what he meant. Lit is my fault that I am ignorant and can not understand tactical nuances learned. In the field I do not see a line. Instead, I often see a succession of three points, three lines and three more points. What? The S.O.S. of the Morse alphabet. Help! Players who do not know what to do seem to be asking. They are tense, insecure, afraid. The mind is avviluppatfor in a single tactical adage: retreat to interpose on the transit lines. and then return the ball for start again quietly from below. Nothing is allowed, given the limits of the rose. What can I do when confronted with concepts that make me shiver? Nada. I got tired also get angry. Many times I also launch my S.O.S., annihilated dto our embarrassing performances. I do not even talk to Rino anymore. Ours would be a dialogue between the deaf. Paolo and Leo do not listen to me. It's hard to do this after a game like this, but all I can do is calm myself down so I do not get out of the pitcher. By how much I am placed, I could even get out of two pitchers. Not one.

I demand ammunition for my Gunman!

THE Genoa, we show the approach to bromine that sets us apart. Less than a minute, we started scoring goals. Extremely passed the derby record. All right, here was Gigio's unfortunate mistake. But it is normal for our goalkeeper to hit three balls in 50 seconds, after we beat the kickoff? It's normal what How many more balls of your feet come than those given to our attacker? It seems to me that there is something wrong with our game philosophy. I've been saying it since time immemorial, barking like a dog to the moon. Of course, when we get the three points, I'm more serene and barking. Last night and during the derby, I snorted. Anger over the two defeats is great. But can we really say that they came unexpectedly after the depressing tests with Sassuolo (above all) and Chievo, who also gave us the three points? This is the heart of the matter. Without a sensible organization of the game, without offensive schemes that predict movements in the spaces, cuts, overlays, it is difficult to continue to make a result. And it's unlikely to capture the dream of the Champions. Blame the limits of the rose? I do not think like that. Despite the loopholes, I think, if well managed, our squad is largely fourth in this league. I believe there are alternatives for the 4-5-1 that mortifies the attacker. Piatek arrived well loaded and put, realizing talents, all the few balls he got. Now he's leaving, frustrated by our non-play. Can not we press offensive with these players? Not true, in my opinion. Of course, we should know how to organize it. But anyway …

A fforI-back brings me back to my Saturday. The day makes you understand immediately what is his ugly intentions. He presents me with an appetizer of arsenic. La Primavera leads three of Atalanta. The risk that recedes in B is more than concrete. In short, never a child. The scoppola taken from our shoots and the anti-Samp training leave me with bad omens. Suso in the field and Kessie in the bank. I see great difficulties in our right wing. So far I'm not even angry anymore. I knew it would be so. It is, however, inappropriate to expect that I like Gattuso and that his choices motivate me to wait for the game with desire and enthusiasm. I simply hope to finish with a few episodes. I do not expect this to cause this. Suso, no matter what Rino thinks. His presence is inflicted with relentless punctuality. I don `t understand why. Bah. We see that I am a zuccona. I have to stay calm and not rush. The puzzle of the two launchers comes to mind. Therefore, a 5 liter jug ​​and a 3 liter jug ​​are available. gift signs to read intermediate volumes. How can you get exactly 4 liters of water? The solution is easy only if you realize you need to pour water on the floor. We have the problem of balances. One thing that makes you lose the pitcher for Gattuso and me too. Not if he knows how to solve the easy puzzle of the two jars. As for balance, we have very different ideas. I have an intuition a long time ago. andclearly, however, strengthen the midfield with the inclusion of Biglia and freeing those who could help Piatek not to perform cover-up tasks is not for strategists.

We will know in two months the future of Gattuso. When the championship is over, he will tell us what he thinks and what he will do. Ipse dixit. What to say? Let's wait. From what he says, it seems the choice will be his. A regurgitation of wounded pride, which allows a company to glimpse a jab, that you probably do not feel confident about. Are these statements appropriate at this time? I doubt that. But a lot of it. The important thing would be to win with Sampdoria and then sit in silence to see Roma Napoli and Inter Lazio. I do not know what it would take to attack Marassi. Anyway. Training is what I expect, because I know my chicken. And I do not like this. I would also go into Biglia. Not, however, in Kessie's place. Does Lucas move Baka from the position he makes the most of? Not if you change your form. A good 4-2-3-1 with Franck on the right. Casti or Paquetà? It depends on the physical condition of the Brazilian. I, however, would bet on him. Suso? In the bank. If it were up to me, I would treat the speed deficit with Conti and Laxalt. Too unbalanced? Perhaps. But certainly more alive. Frankly, I can not stand the embarrassing phlegm of RR anymore. And the passing lines? He sees who is free to play without scoring. sand instead, you will press the ball carrier and you are small, increasing your center of gravity, you can defend yourself better by bringing your opponents to the area and losing bloody balls near our door. I'm still focused on it.the whirlwind of my thoughts, when the game starts and immediately gives me a stab at the heart.

I liked you, Leo.

I categorically refuse to report. I liked Leo's statements. I appreciate those who put their faces when they lose. Just called to calm down, since we're still in fourth. And just the relief from the damage that Orsato caused us. Two penalties could and should be sanctioned. No whistle. Debatable Decisions about Absences and the usual unjust warnings, imposed with arrogance on ours. In short, the typical behavior of those who appear to have entered the field with the specific intention of harming us. E & 39; It's true that we play. so repulsive and we know how to hurt ourselves. I do not see, however, why we should continue to suffer the oppression of black coats. Once the defeat is over, I can only hope in Naples and, it makes sense to say that, Inter. Despite my mortification, I do not want to give up the dream of the Champions. Carletto gives me a good present. Thanks! For the first time I wanted them to be winners, the Orrendi lose. I'll be the one to bring bad luck, Eh! How do you play Lazio? Simone Inzaghi will also be unpleasant, but he's bravino. What a pity that Rino seemed to meO look like brother. Few stories, Lazio there has arrived. We all know he's going to beat Udinese. And what will we do with the friulians on Tuesday? Whoever is sure to win, raise your hand. I keep it low. We bet that we will meet with a more organized team than we? And what will we give her courage with our passive and trembling attitude? Blame our incompatible pink? I do not think like that. My two 3-liter and 5-liter jugs are full. Leaving the jar is a snap. Anyway … Spes last goddess. Let's give the Pistolero some ammunition, damn it! Come to Milan!



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