the revelation about Belen displaces all


About me, Stefano De Martino talks about himself in a special about his life transmitted in real time: the sensational revelation about Belen Rodriguez that displaces everyone.

In me by martino belen
About me, Stefano De Martino talks about himself in the special in real time.

His desire for revenge took him far, but Stefano De Martino he never forgot his origins. He demonstrated this in the documentary broadcast tonight, April 19, 2019, until Real time. It is called Su di me, and it is the special that tells the story of the former dancer of Amici, directly from his Tower Annunziata. It is in the city in the province of Naples that Stefano was born and raised, and from there he decides to redo the most important moments of his life. Introducing to the public some of the most important people to him. First of all, what Stefano calls "Barone", the son of greengrocer for which he has been working since 2008. From the conversation with him, a good detail emerged about De Martino's past. It is related Belen! Let's find out what he told us.

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About me, Stefano De Martino: the resonant revelation about Belen that moves everyone

Stefano De Martino was born and raised in Torre Annunziata, a city that the boy loves with his whole being. "It's perfect, located in a strategic place," Stefano says. Since 2008 he started working in a fruit and vegetable shop in the morning: the only job that allowed him to attend dance classes in the afternoon. And this is the first memory of Stefano tonight. The store that has been his second home for years. Along with him, Barone, the shop owner's son, who now inherited the fruit. With him, De Martino demonstrates a beautiful and confidential relationship.

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And it is precisely from the chat with this friend that a hilarious detail about Stefano's past arises. It seems that by the time he landed at Amici, the dancer already had a weakness for what would become his wife! "The most beautiful of the time was Belen. I told him: Now go on TV, you might know that!" Says De Martino's friend. To which, Stefano responds with a thousand laughs: "I thought, but when do I meet Belen? We are on Via Vesuvio! And instead … ". And instead, Belen Rodriguez, the one who seemed only a dream to the Neapolitans, became his own wife. An incredible story, that of Stefano, who finally commented on the following: "How strange life is!"

A great emotion

Stefano then returned to the store where he worked for a long time, also meeting old customers and friends. The emotion was, above all, because time seems to have stopped for the Made in Sud conductor: "It's incredible, even if ten years have passed now, nothing has changed here." The people who are there, the chatter you make , It's all the same thing. That gives me peace of mind. In times of crisis, going back to a place and finding it as it was, as you recall, is a beautiful thing."


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