the new patch features Ashe and balances some heroes


Blizzard Entertainment published a new patch of Overwatch which, in addition to marking the debut of the new heroine Ashein the main list, edit some features and abilities of Mercy, Reaper, Roadhog and Symmetra.

Below is the complete list of changes made to the heroes of Overwatch:


  • Valkyrie: Ultra's cost was reduced by 15%. The cures increased from 50 to 60 per second.


  • Infernal Bocas: Reduced rosualization by 50%. Recalibrated the trajectory of the rosata.
  • harvest: The return of health increased from 20% to 30% of the damage inflicted.


  • hook: the delay between the hook release and the target approach has been reduced from 0.5 to 0.3 seconds. Now this greatly reduces the inertia of the target being hooked. The recovery time now starts immediately (first started after attracting the target).
  • fragment: the main and secondary rosata of the fire was recalibrated. Reduction of the rosette reduced by 50%.
  • filth: maximum rejection speed increased by 25% (from 8 to 10 meters per second). The horizontal indentation decreased slightly.


  • Photonic Projector: The primary fire beam is recharged 20% faster.

As we anticipated, in addition to the aforementioned balancing changes, the latest patch also introduces Ashe. The new (anti) heroin Overwatch is armed with a repeating rifle with two modes of fire and its faithful shotgun, useful for inflicting extensive damage at close range or for moving quickly by taking advantage of the recoil. If necessary, the gunslinger can also use a dynamite that explodes, causing damage over a large area and continuing for a few seconds to weaken the hit enemies. With her Ultra, Ashe evokes B.O.B., his loyal companion Omnic who throws his opponents into the air and then beats repeatedly at his wrists.

For all the information about Jesse McCree's former attack partner, we advise you to read our article in depth.


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