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The Motorola Razr is the first true folding smartphone. We try and fall in love with him

Real technology and innovation, launched by Motorola's labs in Chicago. The engineers who worked on it, we talked to them at the launch event in London, they can't hide the smile and the satisfaction of being out of a four year tunnel. Since it takes almost 50 months to develop this product, a long and continuous effort is needed between designers, engineers and the marketing department, each with their own needs and needs. If they had heard marketing, the smartphone that many fans dreamed of would probably be launched, With so many cameras, a giant battery and a powerful processor, it would also have been twice as big, heavy and expensive.

Fortunately, the designers won, and the product we opened, closed and opened hundreds of times in London, which really made us rediscover the pleasure of having something truly new in our hands that would never have been born had it not been. at your insistence. The engineers did the rest, and they packed what looks like the "back to the future" version of the product that many of us have had in our pockets for 15 years.

The first real folding smartphone, because it's a smartphone made to get smaller, not a tablet that becomes a smartphone like the Mate X or the Galaxy Fold.

A product that is really careful in every respect, especially with regard to the delicate screen that we know, and Samsung knows well, could break very easily. Motorola created Razr from a flexible 6.2 "pOLED display, but only the center part is flexible: the rest is anchored in a steel stand, fixed at the top and mounted on a slide at the bottom. The gif below shows the system: When you fold the smartphone, the screen drops a few millimeters to the bottom area, a movement assisted by a series of springs that pull it down.

The same springs that keep it steady when the smartphone is open: the fold, highly visible in the Galaxy Fold, here is not at all obvious, it is felt just under the fingertip.

Some may not like certain options.

A technology enthusiast should close more than one eye to certain Motorola solutions: the battery has been split in two and is small, very small, the processor is just a Snapdragon 710, and above all the screen is modeled, not straight. Above, where there is the notch, and below, where there is a curve, what the user sees when watching a YouTube video is barrel shaped. Not the perfect way to watch a movie, but it doesn't matter, despite the shaped screen Razr stays beautiful when placed in the context of an innovative product that needs to break some patterns, screen format included.

Slim and well-balanced, the Razr opens and closes effortlessly: it looks so robust that during the performance we mistreat him as if he were a war veteran.n produced with a purpose-made hinge not to break. The sense of solidity Razr gave us gave us no other leaflets we tried, and one of the people who worked on the screen's strength tests assured us that even if a grain of dust comes in,or the screen should not be broken.

No problem should happen: the slide-mounted OLED screen is only hooked to the top and replacement is very simple, which is why Motorola charges only 299 euros in case of out-of-warranty screen failure. Inside, there is a Snapdragon 710, not the fastest in range, but offering the best speed / fuel ratio, and it actually looked like a fast, fluid product. Razr is not a performance smartphone, is a smartphone for a late-night phone user who has a second phone to work with and who wants a pleasurable product as their first phone. And opening Razr in front of friends and those who have never seen a screen fold is still a real pleasure.

Motorola did not pay attention to the economy: the largest battery that existed, a more powerful processor was very hot, put the best it could in all areas. Even the camera, 16 megapixels f / 1.7, is the widest that can be used if the reduced thickness is considered. It also included a ToF sensor for the blurry effect, thus helping the Snapdragon processor calculate a blur effect that is not easy for a processor in this range.

Just a few questions: It fills with fingerprints with incredible ease. We had to clean it at least 10 times while taking photos and videos, we believe it is the smartphone that most attracts fingerprints we have at hand over the last year And there's a small, handy front-panel display that requires developer support to make the most of it: Motorola has implemented email, notifications, control center, music widget and other little jewelry, but we need a good Google job to help you explore both screens smoothly, moving from internal to external with ease. Still, in any case, it seems to be doing very well.

Razr will cost 1599 euros and will be a product for the few. Obviously. But it is a beautiful product, which for those who used a Razr at the time will have an even more special flavor. The first folding smartphone launcher.

The Motorola Razr Preview Video

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