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Stefano De Martino

Stefano De Martino and the post of the late Fabrizio Frizzi

perhaps Stefano De Martino he never knew of the presence Fabrizio Frizzi, however, the maestro of Made in Sud wanted to pay homage to him in social media. On March 26, in fact, the first anniversary of the death of Carlotta Mantovan's husband, who died due to a serious illness, was used. Like other colleagues of his, the Neapolitan dancer decided to remind the Capitoline artist with a particular message about Instagram.

Stefano De Martino and the memory of Fabrizio Frizzi

Through a story on Instagram, Stefano De Martino honored the delay Fabrizio Frizzi The Made in Sud maestro, such as Flavio Insinna, Nadia Toffa, Amadeus and many others passed on two words in favor of little Stella's father. He did this in a particular way, which is put a photo and a link that leads back to a video YouTube. Here are his words:

"A year ago, Fabrizio Frizzi decided to move to another place. Riccardo Cassini imagined that."

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Here is the video for which the ex-husband of Belen Rodriguez:

The success of Made in Sud: every Monday night at Rai Due

Meanwhile Stefano De Martino he is not experiencing a superior moment only from a sentimental, but also a professional point of view. In fact, the three episodes of Made in the south aired last Monday in prime time on Rai Due, they achieved a moderate success, about 10% stake.

At your side throughout the season there will be Fatima Trotta, while Elisabetta Gregoraci will be the guest star. Meanwhile, the Neapolitan dancer and the jury of Sanremo Young Belen Rodriguez a few days ago, they saw each other again. The two arrived in Verona to attend an event, and when tightened on social networks, considerations were exchanged.


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