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the manager thinks of a new service for customers

iliad "width =" 696 "height =" 398 "data-wpfc-original-srcset =" // 700w, // t4m7p5j6. 50w, // 30w "sizes =" ( max-width: 696px) 100vw, 696px "/></p><p><strong>iliad</strong> is about to complete its first year of activity in our country and the numbers continue to smile for the manager. It took only a few months to arrive almost <i>three million users:</i> a record figure that shows brand popularity.<i> </i>Iliad's success is mainly based on <strong>low cost promotions: </strong>if a 30 Giga rechargeable was available in the first few months, potential customers can now sign an offer with 50 gigs of internet.</p></p><h3>Iliad, the future speaks of a landing also in fixed telephony</h3><p><span style=At the end of the second year, Iliad is asked to confirm your success. The key will be all in the services. Soon the manager will begin his experiments in 5G, but some surprises may also be there for the fixed telephony. On the web, in fact, people are looking for deals for every day ADSL and fiber optics.

In early April, the CEO of the company intervened Benedetto Levi, about the subject. Levi confirmed our rumors. In the near future, the priority of the Iliad will be mobile telephony: In this sense, we explain the investments in service with the effort to build the necessary infrastructures required in 5G. The remote future, however, can be surprising.

The same Bento Levi, in fact, rumors about a possible compromise for fiber-optic and ADSL networks were not denied. But the times can be long: the wait can lead to 2020 if not also in the 2021.

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