The League app has spied on users to detect illegal streaming of football games


L & # 39;La Liga application
Spanish allows users to check the results and times of the games or have news about the main teams of the soccer league. Transferred more than 10 million times the application spied users: accessed the microphone and used GPS to locate and track the clubs or bars that broadcast a game in streaming illegal. For this reason, the Spanish data protection agency was fined
the soccer league with a fine of 250 thousand euros, for alleged violation of EU laws on privacy and data transparency.

With technology very similar to that of Shazam, the application identifies the illegal material and, at the same time, the GPS maps the user or the sites that broadcast soccer games, without the necessary license. According to Spanish La Liga executives, the application really required users to access the microphone. At the same time, data is acquired only in the form of code, to detect illegal streaming. Finally, once the terms of service were accepted, users would have consented to using smartphones precisely to track down any fraudulent behavior.

The problem, according to the privacy guarantor, is that what was declared by the League is not entirely clear and therefore has ordered the organization to close the application by June 30. The football league responded that it will appeal to the ruling, claiming that the guarantor is not able to fully understand the application technology.

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