The importance of thermal medicine: meeting in Telese


Involved various academics and entrepreneurs

Telese Terme.

"Thermal medicine in the modern age, for the global well-being of the individual" is the theme of the second edition of the congress that will be held on June 22, 2019 at 9 am at the Grand Hotel Telese in Telese Terme (Benevento).

The event, of national importance, was promoted by A. Minieri SpA – Telese River and by FIRSThermae (Interdisciplinary Training, Research and Thermal Sciences), a non-profit center of excellence of international importance in interdisciplinary thermal, inserted in the National Register of MIUR.

The scientific organization of the congress was supervised by Prof. Amelia Filippelli (Professor of Pharmacology, University of Salerno) and Prof. Maria Costantino (President of FIRSThermae and Professor at the University of Studies). of Salerno).

At the beginning of the congress there are interventions involving personalities from the academic and business world dealing with thermalism, such as Dr. Costanzo Jannotti Pecci, President of Federterme; Alfredo Minieri, President of the Company A. Minieri S.p.A. – Terme di Telese; Dr. Antonella Guide of the Directorate General of Health Protection of the Region of Campania; the mayor of Telese Terme, Dr. Pasquale Carofano, always attentive and sensitive to the thermal issues of his city; Dr. Elda Vecchi, Head of Mining Services at A. Minieri S.p.A. Terme di Telese, for years engaged in the innovative enhancement of the corporate world of spas.

There are two scientific sessions that will involve teachers: Prof. F. Colace, Prof. V. Conti, Prof. G. Ranisio, Prof. C. Simone, Dr. M. Calabrese, Dr. S. S. Invernizzi, Dr. R. Konig, Dr. F. Napolano, Dr. R. Oro.

The Conference, which takes place in the district of Telese Terme (BN), a territory with a very high historical-cultural-thermal value, has been morally sponsored by the Department of Medicine, Surgery and Dentistry "Scuola Medica Salernitana" of the University of Salerno. directed by Prof. Carmine Vecchione, from the Campania region, Federterme, of the Order of Physicians-Surgeons and Dentists of Benevento, Naples, Salerno and Caserta. The event was also sponsored by the Italian Secretariat for Young Physicians, the Italian Association of Physiotherapists; by the Italian Association of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation; by the National Federation of Orders of Obstetrics Profession (FNOPO); of the Order of the Profession of Midwife of the Province of Benevento and Province of Salerno.

The congress was accredited ECM in the Ministry of Health with n. 6 educational credits for doctors (all disciplines), for midwives, physiotherapists and nurses. Registration at the congress is free.

The main objective of the event is to inform doctors and graduates in the health professions (midwives, physiotherapists and nurses) about the value of an integrated health vision.

This view can enable health professionals to respond adequately to the current psychophysical well-being needs of citizens.

Several questions will be addressed such as the role of heat treatment in chronic low back pain, chronic inflammatory processes that alter the balance of the vaginal ecosystem.

The importance of the relationship between architecture, psyche and health places, specifically the thermal ones, will also be highlighted.

A new experimental path will also be illustrated at the congress, which Fulvio Russo, Master Pastry Chef of the Accademia Antonio Pirpan, and Prof. Maria Costantino, are working to bring together medical-thermal science with Healthy Pastry. At the end of the intervention, there will be the tasting of high quality and digestible brioches prepared with the sulfurous mineral water of Terme di Telese (BN).

All this to promote and guarantee the citizen a complete state of physical, mental, social and relational well-being, as indicated by the World Health Organization (O.M.S.)

Finally, space will also be given to narrative medicine, a discipline that can truly improve the experience and organization of care.

At the congress venue, for those enrolled in the University's Professional Development and Improvement Course called "Obstetrics and Thermalism: Opportunities and New Skills" (for which the second edition is already being prepared for information: [email protected]) promoted by Department of Medicine, Surgery and Dentistry of the University of Salerno and FIRSTheree, some of the study prizes will be awarded and sponsored by the Municipality of Telese Terme (BN) in the person of its mayor, Dott Pasquale Carofano and Impresa A. Minieri SpA – Thermal Telese (BN).

The prizes will also be awarded for the 2019 Photography Contest "Termalism 3.0: Culture, Tourism and Health" promoted by F.I.R.S.Thermae, who also announced the 2020 edition (for information: [email protected]).


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