The Iliad promos continue after the 70's show


Iliad offerings continue after the super-tariff of 70 gigabytes to 9.99 euros. The promotion has been completed for a few hours but at the moment the other rate that can be activated in some way is even more attractive: the Iliad 50 show with minutes and unlimited text messages at 7.99 euros. Obviously, the offer that can currently be activated provides a smaller amount of data than the Giga 70 flash, but is marketed at a really interesting cost. € 7.99, far more than even Corcom's colleagues set the psychological threshold of € 10. This dividing line differentiates the new low-cost offers from the old telephony. But before we go live with today's Iliad updates, we remind you again that in the Google Play Store you'll find the free app for real Iliad Italia fans.

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Iliad continues
The Iliad continues the revolution. After the 70 gigabyte "flash" version, the Giga 50, Giga 40 and Voce promos are back.

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Iliad Giga 50 joins the other promo Iliad Giga 40 and the voice only calls Iliad Voce.

However, the flash experiment was very successful. Certain data do not exist, but according to the comments in our social profiles and on our web pages, the super tariff Giga 70 really exploded. So now the curiosity remains in understanding what the next moves of the Iliad will be. And here we return to the definition borrowed by CorCom from "psychological threshold."

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The psychological threshold of 10 euros according to Corcom

Iliad can not venture far beyond 10 euros. From the beginning, the operator offered a thematic promotion, increasing the cost from time to time, with more templates included.

We started with the sensational release of 5.99 euros (a rate that many now jealously guard) to get, step by step, to 9.99 euros.

It is easy to see that it may not be easy to continue on this path. And that the next rates will have to re-forecast a fall in prices, so as not to enter the clear and dangerous area of ​​"above 10 euros." Because in this price range, in fact, we find all our competitors.

Latest Network Updates

As always, I'd like to update you a little on the subject. Independent network Iliad. How's it going? According to our information, we already wrote a few hours ago, in Milan, would have reached forty already active antennas.

In Rome instead, the other big city that – as provided by us "It would be a matter of those hours."

The first stations of the Iliad, reported our informed followers, saw the light in the Esquiline district in the center of the capital.

In the next few hours, we'll be able to provide more information and more details on the activations. We are waiting, for example, for the first speed tests on the new network. Although, remember, we are in a complete testing phase.

We'll tell you everything. To stay in the play, as always, there is our App and discussion on our forum at

The new strategy will come from Paris to May

News on the network, but also innovations in front of commercial offer. Even if the total restyling of Iliad that will take shape in May of the Parisian headquarters, probably will respect the mark Free.

But it is inevitable that something will influence the activities of the Italian branch. A low cost Iliad, but totally focused on services and ecosystems. In short, ready to welcome the 5G revolution.

Are you thinking of moving to the Iliad?

If you are still uncertain and doubtful about Iliad, we advise you to read our content specifically designed for those who want to approach the new mobile operator room. Here you will find all the Iliad deals available.

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