Wednesday , April 21 2021

the community asks for the introduction of the Shield Shower object

Reddit Forum of FortniteBR has always been a source of ideas and curiosities for all Royale fans of battle. Epic Games: these days, a user of the most important unofficial subreddit dedicated to Fortnite is enjoying great success with its Shower shield. What is it?

The description of the Fortnite Battaglia Reale fan, known by the nickname jeremyryanmiller, makes the shower shield object particularly accurate and illustrates in detail the features of this new equipment.

Based on what is specified by the Shower shield, you have to put the object on a ceiling and position yourself under it to shelter behind the shield to be sure 2 shield points per secondup to one maximum of 50. Their rarity level should be the highest, ie the Epic, because it could be used in sharing with all members of their team to offer them a lifeline in the most lively moments of multiplayer challenges.

The shell bath functionality would therefore be the perfect complement to the Bonfire Comfortable gameplay, the object introduced by Epic in the Fortnite Battaglia Reale update last January. The bonfire, in fact, is careful to restore the player's HP points in their immediate vicinity for a maximum of 25 seconds or gaining 50 hit points.

The shower shell, cleverly suggests its creator, could not be placed near a comfortable campfire, because its shower of shield points would end with turn off the regeneration flame of HP points. An interesting solution that could pave the way for different strategies and tactics based on, for example, putting a vaporize an enemy shield shower and vice versa.

We hope, therefore, that the top of Epic Games will take into consideration this good idea for a future update of Fortnite Battaglia Reale on PC, consoles and mobile systems, perhaps as a reward to be shared with the community for winning the title of Game of the Year in the last Golden Joystick Awards.

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