Sunday , August 1 2021

“The block is already expected”. Therefore, the Democratic Party imposed a hard line

There is not a minute to lose. Everything we have to do with these numbers is written hereRoberto Speranza he rushes all those who have not wanted to hear it in the past few weeks and who have always wanted to marry the softer line in the context of restrictions against the spread of the Coronavirus. And it accelerates referring to the government’s “new Bible”: the document “Prevention and response to Covid-19: evolution of strategy and planning in the autumn-winter transition phase. ”The study by the Instituto Superior de Saúde – prepared in the summer, revised on October 1 and approved by the Regions on 16 – contains the various modulations of the possible measures to be adopted in relation to the evolution of epidemiological scenarios and, therefore, according to the Minister of Health , given these figures it will no longer be possible to resist drastic measures. confinement appears again in our country.

Italy is getting closer and closer to the fourth scenario, the most serious. An Rt predominantly and significantly greater than 1.5 (“that is, with estimates of the 95% confidence interval of Rt greater than 1.5“) could lead quickly”a large number of cases and clear signs of overload answering services, with no possibility of tracking the origin of the“. Experts warn that with an increase in cases so strong that screening activities are impossible and with the risk that intensive care will fail, they will become necessary.”many containment measures aggressive“. Translated: where the transmissibility index exceeds 1.5 and the health network is suffering, it is necessary to intervene with”regional and / or provincial restrictions“, Including “restrictions widespread“,”mobility restrictions“and”closure of school / university structures and activation of distance learning

The pressure for the strong punch

The revenue from the institutions responsible for the country’s security cannot be totally ignored. And about that, writes today’s edition of The Republic, urgent action led by Speranza, Dario Franceschini (Cultural Heritage) and Francesco Boccia (Regional Affairs) is strengthened. Late yesterday afternoon, the Technical-Scientific Committee was called upon urgently to express its opinion on the methods and areas to be adopted closings. “It is written there, compare the RT, look at the curve, we can only give insights on the territorial network of medicine and schools until Tuesday“, the scientists limited themselves to saying. Only today is the day of the decision: a confrontation between the executive and the Regions; in the afternoon – around 3:30 pm – a new meeting of the Prime Minister is scheduled. Count on the heads of delegation, extended to the ministers most directly affected by issues related to the management of the pandemic; at 5 pm, the leaders of the majority group must also enter. The Giallorossi’s belief is that Lombardy and Piedmont, for example, should close for at least two weeks, stopping everything except essential activities.

Meanwhile in the school a very difficult battle takes place. The Prime Minister tries to summarize: classroom teaching up to the second grade, at a distance from the eighth grade to all high schools. Hope and a large part of the Democratic Party do not want to know about this, while Lúcia Azzolina says she is willing to think about this hypothesis only where the TR is high. But, despite the union side, its line is unlikely to pass. The numbers coming from the last bulletins do not allow hesitations and require quick decisions, the extreme reiterates out loud penalty taker. “We can’t pay“, Explains the head of the M5S delegation, Alfonso Bonafede, who would like to defend the position of the Minister of Education. However, in the Dpcm of tomorrow there will be no lockdown, but just more steps to achieve the much feared (and increasingly likely) ) lockdown.

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