The alarm of the craftsmen: "More VAT? More black work"


The increase inIva, in addition to the heavy recessive effects on the Italian economy, could lead to an increase in levels of tax evasion and illegal work. These are the analyzes of the CGIA study center of Mestre, according to which the increase of only one percentage point (of the 3 predicted) of the reduced rate would cost the Italians almost 3 billion euros, whereas for the ordinary the income reaches almost 4 , 4 billion for each of the expected 3.2 percentage points increase; a real blow to Italian families and their consumption capacity, with very heavy consequences for our economy.

In fact, about 60% of Italian GDP is produced by household consumption; the increase in prices resulting from the tax increase would therefore adversely affect this purchasing power and penalization would be also the self-employed workers who live almost exclusively from domestic demand.

The increase in VAT and the consequent increase in prices could lead to the final customers, even if paying a little less, to pay on the spot with more indirect negative effects on Italian GDP and our public accounts. It is therefore necessary to find the EUR 23 billion needed to avoid triggering the safeguard clause and the consequent increase in VAT from next year.


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