Teresa Langella throws a glass of water on Andrea's face.


Teresa Langella and Andrea Dal Corso continue to be spoken. After a difficult period, the two seem to have found a balance. They often appear together in social networks, where they post moments of their daily lives.

In an Instagram story, the former Men and womenhowever, he made a gesture that did not go unnoticed by his followers. The beautiful Neapolitan threw a glass of water in the face of what may be considered her boyfriend. The images, as always, triggered the fans of the couple who colored the stories with so many comments and tanned, many of them referring to the beautiful Neapolitan gesture.

The love story between Teresa and Andrea

Andrea Dal Corso and Teresa Langella they had a hard way to say the least. The two met in Men and women. The suitor, who entered the studio at the request of Mara Fasone in the truncated days of the Canale 5 dating show, was impressed by the sympathy and beauty of the Neapolitan, feelings returned to him.

After the Sicilian exit from the Maria De FilippiDal Corso remained in the studio to conquer Teresa. Despite the clear interest of the beautiful Neapolitan, she always suspected that he was in the studio only for the cameras. After meeting several boys, the Neapolitan beauty concentrated Antonio Moriconi and Andrea Dal Corso. Two completely different people. The first sweet, sensitive and a little insecure, the second determined, courageous and full of himself.

With both, she arrived in the village, where she experienced great emotions and until the last moment, she did not give the fans of the program of channel 5 the chance to understand who really was the choice. Despite the hesitations and worries, he chose to choose Andrea, the boy who during the Men and women he believed he was the least sincere. The handsome pretender, unfortunately for Teresa, preferred not to go to the party for the choice, practically saying no. After a series of rapprochements by Andrea failed, it seems that the two have given themselves a chance, so much so that they often appear on social networks together.

Unexpected gesture of Teresa Langella

As mentioned above a few minutes ago Teresa Langella posted a story on his social profile, along with Andrea Dal Corso. The Neapolitan beauty, however, instead of having affectionate attitudes or gestures of love, throws a glass of water in the face of the suitor. (Continue after photo)

Teresa threw water on her boyfriend's face because he would be delighted, looking to one point. A beautiful gesture that provoked the laughter of the ex-tronista and the smile of Andrea that reacted well to the joke.


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