Take on delicate and private speeches to go on TV


The dispute between Mila Suarez and Delia Duran occurred in the house of & # 39;Big Brother 16"It triggered the reaction of Katarina Raniakova. The woman described Alex Belli, her ex-husband and man whom the two fought, inclined to try to keep all the women with whom she had a case attached to her. The actor's response was not long in coming. But we will order.

The accusations of Katarina Raniakova

After the fierce dispute between Delia Duran and Mila Suarez, Katarina Raniakova intervened in social networks labeling what happened as "Sad". He believes that it is not worth fighting for. such a man. In addition, he assured that while Belli was engaged to Suarez, he sent messages to her speaking ill of Mila:

"Unfortunately I think he in his madness he would like to keep all women. I repeat, in your madness. Delia must stay calm because unfortunately it will not last forever. So girls, do not be fooled by the talk of having kids. He can not have them. Trust us, we did everything to have a child. Do not let doctors take you, take hormones, and be careful. This is a very sad thing and I I suffered so much. But please do not be fooled. In the end, I think if someone superior thought they can not have them, there will be a reason. Children do not do this with a woman, just to say they love another. "

Alex Belli & # 39; s reply

Alex Belli responded in social media. In a short post posted on Instagram Stories, he said he was surprised by the words of his ex-wife. He never expected her to speak publicly about private affairs. He is convinced that he did it just to go to television: "Dear Katarina, I am pleased to know that, faced with the possibility of a television host, you too are ready, that I find a person with certain principles, facing a speech as delicate as private, but in this life now I am not surprised at anything" .


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