Stefano and Benedetta as Cecilia and Ignazio? Signorini Attacks, Dasha is Not There


stefano sala and mazza blessed

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Gf Vip 2018, Stefano Sala and Benedetta Mazza protagonists of the direct on November 12

at the Gf Vip 2018 tonight we talked for a while "time Stefano and Benedetta after the last events that saw them get too close (the reference is obviously to the comforter). Ilary and Alfonso did everything possible to understand something else, but he and she did not leave the usual ambiguity that always characterized their relationship. The confrontation with the audience, the conductor and the commentator began by talking about the beautiful gesture that Stefano made in the previous episode, when he sacrificed his immunity to deliver him to his Blessed One. "Stefano is vital to me here – these are the words of Mazza –. I would have done the same"After which an interrogation began both in the confessional and in the other in the living room, which was quite embarrassing because of the ambiguity of their statements.

Stefano Sala and Benedetta Mazza at Gf Vip 2018, an ambiguous relationship

"From you – Ilary pointed to Benedetta – there is no simple friendship ". "I discovered so many things – this is your answer – which I had not imagined before. Stefano has a person out there so clearly this is a particular context and gets bigger. It would not have been so out. I'll stop here ". "You're holding on …"Ilary insisted. "This affection – replied Benedetta – is very border line: it is real, but it is lived in a non-real context. And then I think of the fact that our lives are full and Stefano has so many things waiting for him. This thing prevents me ". And if you think you're here, you're wrong: Benedetta also responded firmly to the fact that Dasha believes she is in love (which she had already done with other shades with the other contestants). "Love – in fact asked everyone – can you develop in such a context? Here you can lay the groundwork, but life is different and love is built over time. I understand your reasons why certain things would bother me in reverse parts. I have not jumped on anyone … ". In short, a moderate attitude, Benedetta's: very different from those who threatened death with an ex-gieffina …

Dasha does not call Stefano, Alfonso Signorini provokes both competitors

After Ilary Signorini, he continued talking to both: "The impression you have – said Alfonso – is that you are afraid to pass on the life of Cecilia Rodriguez. We see that it is a passion that you can not control or do with difficulty ". "Certainly – Stefano answered immediately – something that goes beyond friendship is there. I can get out of here and look my partner in the eye and I can try the same things as before ". And on the famous night that spoke so much: "I'm not cheating on her.I can not explain to you". Ilary pointed out to him that his attitude changed after Dasha's call (which in the last hours was thrown at Gf Vip): a consideration that Stefano shared only partially saying that he has really changed since then because he had been able to hear from you. What did not happen tonight: Dasha really got the chance to call him, but he did not. And Stefano could only be bad: "Of course yes [che sperava nella chiamata, ndr]: is my girlfriend, Ilary ". What will be the next chapter of this story?


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