Sparkling soul in the stock market, Ad Carreri opens for M & A


soul arrives at Piazza Affari thanks to the words of CEO Marco Carreri, who opened for possible M & A scenarios.

In an interview with the financial newspaper Il Sole 24 Ore, Carreri reiterated the priorities for 2019 of the Italian asset manager: "After a transition of 2018, M & A remains a concrete option: creation of large operators It is essential to compete effectively in a very competitive and challenging market '.

Soul in search of a partner

Different names are made among possible targets / partners. Ark remains an interesting target of aggregation for Anima but "there is also an opening for growth operations abroad, with the choice of operators with similar dimensions to Anima and focusing on the acquisition of institutional management mandates," confirms Carreri.

In the hypothesis of aggregation with the Mediobanca, Anima Glissa's number one "would not be crazy", even though it seems more improbable, since Piazzetta Cuccia wants more growth in wealth management than retail management and distribution.

Positive day on the stock exchange. The words of Ad Carreri have had a positive effect on Anima's actions in Piazza Affari, where they now negotiate increase of more than two and a half points in the area 3.58 euros. From a graphic point of view, the title maintained graphic and psychological support at 2.50 euros.


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