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Sony makes many Bravia TVs compatible with Amazon Alexa (photo)

Enrico Paccusse

"Alexa, turn on the TV in the living room" or "Alexa, turn down the volume of the TV in the bedroom" soon available

Sony opens for Alexa and makes compatible many of your smart TVs with android on board with the voice assistant of Amazon, thanks to the new software update released these days.

The full list It is available in the image below. In principle, they fall into category i Android TV Bravia produced by japanese company from 2016 until today.

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Users will have the opportunity to use via Alexa some functions like: On off, regulation of volume controls reproduction (play / stop / fast forward / rewind) and managing channels it's the sources.

Just have one of several assistants at home with Alexa made available by Amazon and to allow connection through the guide provided by Sony itself at the support center. For an increasingly home automation home!

Source: Sony (Presscentre)

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