Sofia Panconi, killed by meningitis in less than 24 hours in Faella (Arezzo)


Two countries mourning the death of Sofia Panconi, crushed at age 22 by meningitis. Lived in Faella (Arezzo) with the parents. Every day from there he traveled a few miles to get to the neighbor Figline Valdarno where she worked as a waitress in the restaurant Casagrande, located in the center of the city. Precisely for this reason communities that have been in contact with it for a few hours are subject to prophylaxis.

Sofia Panconi, killed by meningitis in less than 24 hours

Sofia Panconi died in less than 24 hours since the onset of high fever due to the strain B meningitis, the one for which she was not vaccinated. Instead, he had done, as often happens, the type C, which had caused more problems in recent years in Tuscany. The lineage B would have particular roots in the Florentine interior, exactly where the built area of ​​Faella and the municipality of Castelfranco Piandiscò rises. In recent months, two serious cases have been reported, but there were no casualties. They occurred in the province of Florence and involved an 8-year-old child and a 25-year-old girl. For them, the treatment led to recovery. One death instead of a two-year-old child occurred again in 2019, but in Bologna.

O vaccination against meningitis type B is not mandatory and therefore is paid, but it is strongly recommended mainly in the pediatric age group and among the younger ones.

Sofia Panconi had a high fever around 39 degrees Monday morning, but one prescribed antipyretic the doctor seemed to have calmed the disease, then the situation precipitated in a few hours.

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